Used Leasing Application

Advantages of Leasing to Own Used Equipment

  • Does not tie up your working capital
  • May enable you to expense every penny on your lease payment
  • Conserves your bank credit lines
  • May not show up as a liability on your financial statment
  • You pay a fixed payment
  • Protects your capital budget
  • Opens a new credit source for future equipment aquisitions
  • Can provide flexible payment plans for cash-flow variations




The Lease application usually takes no less than two (2) business days to process. All applications must be approved by the manager.

Each application must include the following before application can be processed:

  • A current and valid drivers license with applicants current address and picture.
  • A building lease contract/utility bill showing address where leased equipment is to be located.


Failure to product any of the above requests will result in the application being denied.



There is a $49 application fee which accompanies the leasing application.

Please contact C Worth Superstore with a valid credit card for payment.

Used Equipment Lease Application (54kb pdf)