Meet the C Worth Superstore Staff

Sales Lexington Area - 859-269-5964

Sonnet Clark - Ext. 42
Sonnet Clark has been with C Worth since 2003. She started in the food service industry at 16 and continued as a server and bartender while attending college.

Alan Wilson - Ext. 44
Alan Wilson's experience starts with around 12 year's restaurant and bar management. When getting into sales around 1989 his background in the industry has been very helpful in design and layouts.

Sales Outside Lexington - 859-269-5964

Scott Elliott - Ext. 40
Scott Elliott's extensive knowledge in the food service industry includes over 25 years of experience. Scott's dedication provides the basis for his on-going success in his territories.

Ben Chitwood - Ext. 39
Ben Chitwood has been a Foodservice Director and Manufacturer Rep for a number of years. His knowledge and experience is invaluable for his customers.

Mona Hall - Ext. 41
Mona Hall is C Worth's newest outside sales rep.

Inside Sales and Administration - 859-269-5964

Dan Adams - Ext. 22
Dan Adams started his business career as the General Manager for Columbia's Steak House in charge of 3 locally owned restaurants with over 300 employees. After 4 years with that firm, he expanded his duties by joining Sir Pizza/Pizza King International as General Manager with 56 restaurants in 4 states and 2,000 employees. In 1981, Dan decided to change direction and joined Campbell-Phillips Company as Outside Salesman and Restaurant Designer. After 5 years as an employee, he grouped with 4 other employees and purchased the company. In 1996, Dan sold his shares of Campbell-Phillips and with a partner, purchased C Worth Superstore. Dan is the owner and manages the day-to-day operation of the company.

Patti Siwula - Ext. 28
Patti Siwula has over 15 years accounting experience in various fields. She joined the C Worth staff in September, 2006 as General Manager. In addition to her management duties Patti serves as Human Resource Director, administering employee benefits and overseeing the safety program. Patti is also C Worth's purchasing agent.

Matt McCaslin - Ext. 27
Matt McCaslin is C Worth's jack-of-all-trades. Some of his duties include: managing used equipment, providing computer technical support, designing and installing draft beer systems, and customer support.

Ann Richmond - Ext. 26
Ann Richmond worked at Sysco for many years before joining C Worth. That experience has served her well as C Worth's in-house CAD designer.

Donna Mercer - Ext. 29
Since joining C Worth in January 1998 she has worked Inside Sales, Customer Service, Outside Sales Support.

Warehouse - 859-269-5964