Used Equipment Warranty

C. Worth Inc. will supply any/all necessary parts* to repair used units if it should fail in the first 30 days after date of purchase. Used Equipment Warranty applies to local sales only, for out of state sales, items are shipped AS IS with NO returns.

Labor will be performed by a qualified technician at the sole choice of the buyer and at the buyer's expense. You must contact C. Worth, Inc. to make a warranty claim before work has begun. Warranty parts* replaced without C. Worth, Inc's prior approval will not be reimbursed. Warranty does not include cosmetic reconditioning, failure due to improper installation or use, abuse or neglect.

The warranty herein made is the only warranty with regard to the equipment. C. Worth, Inc. specifically disclaims any implied warranties, including but not limited to, implied Warranties of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. C. Worth, Inc's liability is limited to the cost of repair set forth above, and under no circumstances shall C. Worth, Inc. be liable for any special consequential damages.

Before storing food in any refrigeration equipment, we recommend that the unit be allowed to operate at least 24 hours after installation to insure proper internal temperature.


*Freight on parts requiring Expedited Shipment will be the Owner's Responsibility.